“6 Excellent Resources for Using Twitter for Business and Your Brand”

 Today, Twitter has roughly 6 million users and is projected to grow to 18.1 million users by 2010. With all those people, the chances for networking are endless and connecting with new people can lead to career opportunities, so it is essential that your personal brand exists on the service. Last blog I showed you a step-by-step process for building your personal brand on Facebook, and today we’re going to show you how to do the same thing on Twitter. By leveraging the Twitter platform to build your brand you can showcase yourself to a huge and growing audience.

Most people struggle when it comes to using Twitter effectively. This may be especially true for businesses, which tend to feel pressure to join Twitter, but don’t quite know where to begin. If you want to use Twitter, but aren’t sure how to use it well, these process by using these 10 essential Twitter tools for business may help smooth the learning curve:

Customer service can evoke some serious misgivings or negative emotions. Although customer support is designed to help the consumer, the pain of waiting for a phone representative and the impersonal emails can cause more damage than good for a brand. People are turned off by the term and companies have begun to use different terminology to describe their efforts.

This is not how customer service has to be. With the connectivity made possible by social media, companies have found a new way to engage their customers, solve their problems, and build goodwill for their brands: Twitter. Understanding how Twitter can transform customer relations for the better can be substantial for reducing costs and improving brand image.

Chris Brogan in this resource covers how Social Media tools have an enormous power to put you in contact with thousands of people. 

Attention on its own is useless, what are you going to do with that attention?

If you want to build your online brand you have to know how all your activities work together. You need a consistency and congruency. Each part of the social media puzzle builds into a picture people have of you, how they imagine you to be relates to how you really are to the degree you get this stuff right.

If you are approaching social media in a haphazard way, do not be surprised if things do not work out exactly as you hoped or imagined they would.

Dan Schawbel is the author of Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success, and owner of the award winning Personal Branding Blog and in this article discusses how in the past few years personal branding has been discussed exhaustively throughout the Net. The difference between today and over ten years ago when it was first mentioned by Tom Peters, is the rise of social technologies that have made branding not only more personal, but within reach.

From the corporate brand (BMW), to the product brand (BMW M3 Coupe) and down to the personal brand (car salesman), branding is a critical component to a customer’s purchasing decision. These days, customer complaints and opinions are online and viewable through a simple search, on either Google or through social networks. There is no hiding anymore and transparency and authenticity are the only means to survive and thrive in this new digital kingdom.

Many people think that personal branding is just for celebrities such as Paris Hilton or Britney Spears, yet each and every one of us is a brand. Personal branding, by definition, is the process by which we market ourselves to others. As a brand, we can leverage the same strategies that make these celebrities or corporate brands appeal to others. We can build brand equity just like them.

We can also have just as much presence as most startups and mid-size companies and products. Social media tools have leveled the playing ground and have enabled us to reach incredible heights, at the cost of our time. Here he covers the personal branding process, so you can start to think about what face you want to show to the world and how you want to position yourself for success!

You may have seen him chatting with Ellen DeGeneres on her daytime talk show, or exchanging late-night wisecracks with Conan O’Brien.  Maybe you caught one of his high-energy keynote presentations at a corporate conference.  Gary Vaynerchuk seems to be everywhere these days, and when it comes to using video to market your brand, he’s the guru to listen to.

To boost his family’s $4 million New Jersey wine business into a $50 million national powerhouse, Gary employed social media tools to promote Wine Library TV (http://www.winelibrarytv.com/), a video blog about wine that has exceeded 80,000 devoted daily viewers—the loyal throng he calls “Vayniacs.”

 “How did I end up on those TV shows?,” he muses.  “In the past, you had to be discovered—someone had to decide that you’re a talent and they need you.  But nowadays, with online video, we are the content and we can go directly to our customers by using things like YouTube, Viddler and YouStream to build our brand equity.  People who have businesses need to realize that they have this opportunity.”



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